I am so pleased to announce that our vision for Christian rentals has become a reality. The journey has been a long one but we truly believe that the timing is perfect. Before we go into detail about our movie rentals; let me tell you how it all began.

Read about the beginning of our passion for film evangelism.

The Beginnings

In the early 1980’s my father was called by the Lord to start a church and name it “Miracle Temple”. We saw God’s hand at work with miracles, signs and wonders, and salvations. My father was radical for Jesus and began to think of many ways to reach people. He came across a Christian film ministry called Future films. Future films was dedicated in bringing the Good news of Jesus Christ by the medium of 8 mm movies.They were located in Dallas not too far from the church. Their store was filled with posters and materials promoting films and how to have a film ministry outreach at your church.

My father liked the concept and invited this minister to come in and bring films like “Thief in the Night”, The Burning Hell, The Ordinary Guy, and many others to show the congregation. This was before VHS and DVD. The movies were shown off a big reel to reel film projector that had to be changed during the middle of the film  to show the next part of the movie. Every time we did a movie night, the church was completely packed. Many people also made first time decisions for Christ. I said one day I’m going to do this ministry as well.

The Early years -VHS

I grew up being a huge movie buff. I loved all kinds of movies except horror films. Our family was among the first to own a VCR and rent movies when the VCR became available. Movies back then were rented for fifty to seventy five dollars and returned in a week. Not everyone could afford or rent them.   VCRS weren’t presented to the public until the late 70’s and early 80’s.

I remember them being huge machines and the video tapes were two times the size of a regular VHS  (Video Home System)tape.  JVC in Japan was the first manufacturer to make Video Cassette Recorders in 1976 and was introduced in 1977 to America. It wouldn’t be long that VCR’s began taking the place of the big reel to reel projectors and gave way to watching movies from home.

As the years progressed VCRS become less expensive and VHS Tapes became easy to buy or rent.

My first job in high school was working for Taco Bell. I used most of my check for renting movies at the local video store not far from the school. I remember renting movies all the time. The video store was a popular place to be.I rented up to seven to ten movies at a time. You think I was obsessed with movies?

The Film Ministry Begins

Then in 1995 our family after years of not going to church or serving the Lord, rededicated our lives to Jesus Christ. It changed me and I began to desire less and less of the world’s entertainment. Then I remembered the vision of being a Christian film evangelist. I said to the Lord, I want to take the Gospel to the lost by film ministry.

Then the doors began to open for me. Instead of big reel to reel projectors, small portable projectors were now available, video screens were easy to come by and Christian films were now accessible in VHS format.

I began to build up a Christian ministry library of VHS tapes. I made connections with churches to show films to the youth and saw many souls saved by film evangelism.  Our library began to quickly build and my mom and I began to invest money into buying Christian and family films to begin a video store just like Future films. We tried to rent a place to rent Christian movies but it fell through and didn’t happen. It wasn’t the time yet.

Our VHS library consisted of over 1000 VHS tapes that we purchased at full and discount prices. Especially during the time when VHS tapes began to decline we purchased many for the purpose of renting and buying.  Then along came the invention of the DVD in 1997. In a short period of time VHS became outdated and DVD’s became the newest format for movies. Still many people still own VHS players because some of their most treasured videos are still on VHS. Some still buy VHS tapes in second hand stores or video stores for less than one dollar.

The DVD had a lot more to offer than the VHS tapes. It would take some time for Christian films to transfer to DVD format especially because most of them were produced in VHS. Now that that VHS were becoming obsolete I began to invest into DVD’s back in 1998. The first DVD I bought was Invisible Enemies. This film would be shown in parks, churches, youth groups, and outdoor movie nights. We saw over 500 people give decisions for Christ because of this film. But something happened during this time period.  The ministry of film evangelism was becoming less and less needed.

Now that DVD’s were popular churches didn’t see the need for bringing in the film evangelist any longer. Instead they could purchase their own projectors and DVD players and do their own movie nights.

Before I became a minister of the Gospel, I ministered by taking films into churches until December 28, 2005 when I was called and ordained to be a minister of Jesus Christ. That day changed my life and through the many up and downs over the years, I know that God is calling me back to preaching, teaching, and spreading the word of God through media.

The Launch

We are now in the year 2012 and our library of Christian and family DVDs has increased by the hundreds. It’s amazing how long the journey takes to begin to show the fulfillment of it. I’ve always wanted to rent movies from our huge library but I didn’t have the space or the timing wasn’t right.

Well I am proud to announce that now is the time and all the Enduring Faith videos are now available for rent for $1 for two days.

We made a short promo video telling you more about it.

Let’s stop entertaining ourselves with movies that are not worthy of the time and money to see them. Instead let’s fill our mind and hearts with stories that encourage, edifying, and challenge us to be about the Father’s business. It’s all about the work of the Kingdom of God.

Media Production

Not only do we promote Christian and family films but we’ve already produced Holy Spirit led film shorts, music and video projects with many more in the future.

The next step is to make motion pictures that will change a generation.  God is the King of Creativity and he wants us to teach us how to be creative in the film and arts. It’s time that Christians see that the media is in desperate need of God’s hand upon it. I and others want to see this reality. Let’s not copy the world but let’s be trail blazers of creative media that the Spirit of God breathes upon.   The work ahead is great but the souls that will be brought into the Kingdom is worth it all.

We also see a big need to bring film evangelism back so we are starting to promote them by doing movie nights at home and taking them to the public parks and places where we can get a permit to setup our movie night outreaches. This year I’m teaming up with a group of people who are passionate about soul winning.  We are in the process of taking music and film evangelism as outreach tools to bring a message of hope, redemption, and salvation to those who are living in darkness. It’s time to shine the light of Jesus Christ for the entire world to see.

Harvest Time

I want to encourage you to use the gift that God has given you for reaching souls. My prayer is that the Lord rises up an army of believers who will stop at nothing to reach the lost before the return of Jesus Christ. Want will you do to be a part of a great awakening that will sweep this nation and bring the light of Jesus Christ to those who are in desperate need of a Savior?

Still tuned for more from the Enduring Faith and we love to hear from you by sending us your comments on how this article and others has challenged and inspired to believe God for greater things.