Love-is-Pain-night-sky-31611935-1920-1080Today is Valentine’s Day when just about everyone’s is at the stores buying last minute valentine gifts. I was at the stores earlier this morning just observing the crazy frenzy rush to get that perfect boutique of roses, balloons, chocolates, cards, etc.  Can I give one recommendation? Don’t just gave a gift but put some action behind it.

To me it’s a two fold day, my wife birthday is also today.

I want to say Happy Birthday, Griselda my love. I’m so blessed and grateful for a wife that loves me unconditionally. One thing my wife and I do is give gifts to each other on Valentine’s Day. Just awhile ago we opened  up the gifts we got each other and the cards. It brought joy and some tears were shed after reading our cards to each other.

I challenge those who are reading this to do something to go out of your way to say I love you not just with gifts but with actions.
I love singing so I sang a song on her birthday just to show my love for her. It made her cry with tears of joy.

I want to speak to married Men for a moment, Men show your wives how much you love them. Go out of your way to show how much you appreciate them.  Do some of the house chores, write her a letter, get her a nice card, give each other gifts, also remember flowers are a plus, take her out for dinner, or senerade her with a song.  Believe me they love songs and poetry. It doesn’t take much to be romantic, you just have to do it. It will rekindle a long-lasting love, I know it works, just do it!

I did a broadcast about the topic of true love. I considered it one of our best radio programs we did last year on What is True Love. I pray it speaks to You about unconditional love towards your love for Jesus Christ, your spouse, family, and more . You can click on the link below. May it bless your life.