GNDDesktop1_1920x1200 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;  1 Peter 3:15 

I’m going to divert from the topic of revival for a few posts and focus on a powerful movement happening right now. The media is talking about it, the critics can’t believe it’s success, and the kingdom of darkness is not liking it. The Christian film company Pure Flix is saying that Gods Not Dead is starting a revival. That’s not my words but their’s. Here is what the God’s Not Dead blog is saying, taking from their website :

God is Not Dead is not just a movie-it’s starting a revival!! Families are having deep conversations, people are recommitting their lives to Christ and people are filled with joy, hope,and inspiration as they think about the film.

Box office surprise

The movie in two weeks has brought in 22 million dollars in the box office, it has added 50% more theaters around the country, and it’s the talk on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Even Hollywood is surprised calling it a miracle. Christian movies released in the theatres rarely make it pass the second week of showing but God’s Not Dead is gaining more support and people can’t stop talking about it.


Church movie outreach

On Thursday Night March 17  Our church , The Upper Room rented out a private screening to see “God’s Not Dead”.We were in great anticipation the entire day of what God was going to do in this outreach. During the showing I was glued to the screen the entire time as this story unfolded. The movie delivered and left a  tremendous impact on me to restart the ministry of equipping and teaching apologetics once again.

Salvation in the movie theatre


After the movie we had a salvation call and prayed for the sick. Gods presence filled that theater room and His power was felt in the theater.   Several decisions for Jesus Christ were made and many were healed. The outreach demonstrated that we can take the Gospel outside of the four walls of the church and see souls saved and God’s power demonstrated. Yes in the movie theater, why not? I’ve done film evangelism nights outdoors and seen God’s hand move and many times. I’m used to a move of God like this and we need more of it in Dallas Fort Worth.

Pure Flix Films

You may be asking who is Pure Flix Films?  Pure Flix films  is the #1 producer of Christians entertainment. Our video ministry has just about all of their films in our library. We have followed their ministry since it started in 2006.  Read about it here.

Pure Flix movies

God’s Not Dead was their first theatrical release and they knock this one out of the ballpark! Without much mainstream advertisement and over a million likes on Facebook, it has proven that when the Lord is behind a cause nothing is impossible.

Our Passion for Christian Movies

I’m a great crusader for faith films that are filled with truth and a message of salvation.

God gave me a vision almost 20 years ago about a video ministry of Christian and family films. Almost two years ago we started out video rental and have received great feedback on how it’s impacting lives.  Read our inspiring article here. Over the years  I have seen the power of Christian movies to change lives. For more information visit our video rental page for more details.

Supporting Christian Films 

In order for Pure Flix Films to  produce top-notch quality faith films they need your support and finances. Send Hollywood a message that we don’t want them making movies for us, we will produce them with the help of Christians around the nation.

Not backing down

Believers spend to much of their time arguing, debating, and fighting against injustice and bashing.  I have never seen so much heated debates on blogs than I’ve seen in the past years.  God’s Not Dead has been under heavy assault from critics, atheist, and even some Christians. Yet despite the opposition it’s building momentum. the world can’t understand it, how well this movie is doing. I know why it’s doing well because it’s a God thing.

Internet bashing by social media

Everyone thinks that they are entitled to their opinion and blogs have made it possible for everyone to post what they believe. Yet many of these have no track record or evidence that they should even be afforded an opinion.  Christians have gotten so used to fighting through social media instead of going to the source of the problem.  There is a lot talk about doing something yet no action is taking.

Standing Up Against the Culture

I’m overjoyed that  there are those who are not giving in to compromise and tolerance of the culture. Pure Flix films is boldly taking a stand for the truth. God’s Not Dead has become the #1 Christian film in America regardless of what many critics are saying.  I pray that it impacts more lives and that it will surpass the expectations of all the naysayers. It is a prime example that we don’t need un-biblical blockbusters made by atheist like “Noah” we need truth!

From a minister’s heart 

As a minister of the Gospel, I want to encourage and challenge believers to promote God’s Not Dead. I want to take the time to speak to churches and ministries, you have a perfect opportunity to be a witness utilizing this film as an evangelism tool. Don’t be ashamed of Jesus,  stand up bold for your faith and don’t back down.

For those who have not had a chance to go see the new movie God’s Not Dead.  please do so to help start and spread the movement. Get on your cell phones out and text everyone you know God’s Not Dead. Share it on your social network, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all others you have access too It’s time to let the world know that …

Revival of Faith Movies

This is a powerful time for the revival and reformation of Christian films in the mainstream. I believe it’s  sending a message to ungodly Hollywood that we will not go and support their films. If you speak evil of God we will stand up and contend for our faith.  Enough is enough; We will arise to speak the truth without fear. This is challenge to Christian America stop feeding yourself with Hollywood junk food and fill your spirit with films that lift up the name of Jesus!


Thank you for support Enduring Faith Ministries. We encourage you to come back for our next two articles “God’s Not Dead & Contending  for the Faith” and Hollywood and the Antichrist Spirit that exposes Noah and other films like it. You don’t want to miss it. Until then we exhort you to continue  building Enduring Faith.