Isaac Gutierrez’s Bio

Isaac Gutierrez has had a calling on his life from the day  he was born. He was raised  in church at an early age. . He was father was called into ministry by the Lord back in the late 1970’s -80’s and was called to start “Miracle Temple”, a church where the Word, deliverance, healing, miracles, and signs and wonders were taking place. His goal in life was to be a preacher in the steps of his father.  But his father would have his ministry time cut short. He had to depart from the ministry after  a seducing spirit of Jezebel came in and begin to manipulate the church. After his father left the ministry; he went into the secular music world and started a family Tejano music group. Isaac along with his family spent almost two decades in the Tejano music industry as The Family Flame Band and later changed to The Texas Fire Band. He rededicated his life to Jesus Christ in September of 1995. Even though he was saved, he didn’t leave the secular music completely. During his time with the family he traveled intensively and recorded two nationwide releases in 1997 and 1998. After leaving the music business behind in the fall of 2001; Isaac went into the ministry. In 2005 He would found and be  ordained under a New Grace Testament Church as the pastor of a local church in Dallas called “The Time Is Now Ministries”. Later he would be sent to be the associate Pastor at the Spirit of Prophecy Church in Plano, TX.  After  three years at SOP Church, God sent him to the Upper Room Church in Keller, TX where he’s currently serves as a member there since 2010.

Isaac has dedicated his life to the work of the Lord. He is using his God given gifts to build the body of Christ. Isaac Gutierrez is married to his lovely bride Griselda and resides in Fort Worth, TX.



Isaac Gutierrez is an experienced speaker and has been bringing light to current issues and subjects relating to the end-times with powerful creative visual presentations since 2001.  He speaks with understanding because of his familiarity and understanding of the topics. With over fourteen years of experience in apologetic  and discernment ministry he brings revelation and truth to many issues that churches are not addressing. Some of the chief subjects he covers is exposing the works of darkness, the spirit behind the media giant, witchcraft/paganism, understanding spiritual warfare, the power of music, exposing the spirit of Jezebel and Antichrist  the New Age, the power of the supernatural world, and understanding the times.

His creative use of visual media engages the audience to be well informed and enlightened through scripture references, documentation, and media aids.

Below is Unmasking Paganism in the Church-presentation


Isaac Gutierrez has been in active service in ministry since 1995. He has served in leadership in training and equipping God’s people through prophetic ministry as an ordained pastor, teacher, evangelist, psalmist, group leader, and intercessory prayer leader.  He operates in many spiritual gifts and has equipped many saints to operate in their callings. He has preached, taught, and written many sermons and teachings. He’s known for his love and passion for preaching the uncompromising Word of God with boldness, fire, and zeal.



Isaac’s background in music has spanned for over two decades. He spent most of his young life in music as a musician and artist. From 1990 to 2001, he was involved in the Tejano music industry as a recording artist named The Texas Fire Band. It’s been over 12 years since leaving the secular music. Since then Isaac has been involved in praise and worship teams as lead, singer, choir, and background vocalist.

He recorded a demo record with his family in 2006 called Vessels of Clay in which he sings gospel, latin, rock, and worship music.  He has sang and led  with teams at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Dallas Christian Center Assembly, Spirit of Prophecy Church in Plano, TX and The Upper Room Church in Keller, TX. He’s working on releasing a book on the sounds of heaven- power of praise and worship music. It includes his biblical teachings and understanding of God’s music.

He is about finished producing the video testimony that chronicles the families music story that will be available on YouTube soon.

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