web_savvyOn this page you can find many free electronic documents on topics in the bible, archives, new messages, spiritual warfare, and prophecy.  You may print these teaching if you desire. To download, just  press right click on your mouse and choose save as option.

EF Ministries E-books and Pamphlets

What does the bible say about running the race? Find out in this short  booklet about what it takes to run the race with patience

Running the Christian race 

 Ceremony Messages: Weddings, Quinceneras, and Funerals

 Quincenera Ceremony


Experiencing the Fire of God-Message (available on podcast)

John G. Lake said “Christianity is 100% Supernatural”. In this message we reveal the need for the church to return back to seeing, operating in healing, miracles, and signs and wonders.

Reviving the Supernatural Power of God

This message was preached two days after the tragic school shooting in Newtown, CT. The Joy and Light of Christ pushes back the darkness

Joy of Light in Darkness

Message preached at Crimson Tide Tabernacle. God has called us to bring deliverance and healing to his people. It’s time to move in deliverance.

Power to Deliver the Captives

Great revelation and word that God gave concerning that He is going to make all things new in 2012. Great word of encouragement.

God will make things new 


Bible Prophecy

Its one of the most neglected and despised topics in the church: End-time bible prophecy. In this teaching we dive into the basics of bible prophecy, why it’s being ignored, true and false prophets and so much more.

Understanding the Times- A Study on Bible Prophecy


Secular music in the Church

The need to please the crowds has pushed the level of discernment to to an all time low. Churches are now mixing secular rock music that the word of God calls profane. Read more below.

Strange Fire in the Church

The Power of God’s Music

This power teaching and study  is an extensive exploration of what scripture says about music and  how important praise and worship is too a believer’s life. We cover what God says about dancing, singing, instruments and so much more.  Available in Power point and PDF.

Power of Music ppt

Power of Music outline pdf

Exposing The Occult

What are the dangers lurking behind Halloween. the truth is revealed in this teaching “Halloween a Celebration of Death”.

HALLOWEEN 2008 pdf ppt

truth about halloween and the occult 2004 PDF ppt

This excerpt was apart of the script on our video “Spellbound by the Paranormal”. Read how the church accepted twilight, vampires and the paranormal romance.

Wicca, Pop culture paganism and the Church PDF