Enduring Faith Production is an division within The Enduring Faith Enterprises that specializes in communicating truth by creation and production of cutting edge, anointed, and effective forms of modern mass media tools to proclaim a message that needs to heard and seen. We are committed in tearing down the global media giants of deception and create Holy Spirit inspired visions that will shut down the current tide of lies and deception of the secular media.

Our goal is to be a main outlet for producing anointed multimedia to change our hearts, minds, and spirits to effectively deliver the lost from the chains of darkness.

We are dedicated in producing creative media content through various channels and communications including broadcast, film, music, video, publications and the web. The concept is to offer quality content at incredible rates. Our vision is to build a global media outreach that is focused on taking back media for God’s kingdom.

Let us bring your vision to life. We produce documentaries, educational films, business  ministry demos, Music videos, YouTube movies, trailers, slideshows, montages, etc..
Our goal is to get your idea or vision visible on various formats, networks and your website.


Our Services

We produce digital media for churches, ministries, businesses, education and personal and special occasions.

Our video services include editing, encoding, conversion, and DVD authoring

  • Our video editing services are great for weddings, churches, and corporate video projects.
  • Our video format conversion is perfect for streaming media companies, multimedia CD/DVD projects, and corporate intranets.
  • We also offer DVD authoring for business presentations, professional photographers (DVD Slideshow), and church productions.


Video Editing and Production

Demos, Trailers, Music Videos, Promotional,  Documentaries, Script writing, Shorts, Video Montages, Teachings, Exposes,  Special Events, Video/Picture Slideshows, Animations, Web Movies, Tutorials, DVD authoring, and more

video-productionAudio Editing and Production

Internet Radio, Podcast, CD Audio Production, Transferring audio files, Radio Ads, Promos, Narration, Voice Overs,

Web Media/Graphic Design/Publications

Videos for websites, adding content to websites, designing and building, flash,

Website promos, blogs, writing, marketing, revising and updating websites

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