Looking for an inspirational film for a family movie night? What to put on a church movie outreach? Are you concerned about the corruption in most Hollywood entertainment? Then Enduring Faith Videos is your solution.

Who we are

We are a Christian and family rental ministry where God honoring and family friendly films cans be rented at an incredible and low price.We found that most people would like to rent a movie before purchasing them. Especially if they have never seen the trailer or film before.  EF Videos gives you that option. Rent DVDs for $1 and purchase previously viewed videos for $5.

With a variety of titles and categories to choose from we have films for people of all ages.

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What We Carry

We promote Christian,  family, theatrical, independent and up and coming movies on DVD. We soon will also be offering Blue-Ray videos as well.

Our Policy

At EF Videos we vow to maintain a strong moral code in what DVD’s we rent.   Unlike other rental stores we will not carry films with offensive and objectionable material. Our goal is to be unique by offering films that inspire, teach, and cause us to share our faith with others.

The Message vs Profit

We are not about making a profit but about getting the message out for others to share. We want to get these videos in the hands as many people as we can.  That is why we are renting our DVDs at this low price.

We are do this as a  ministry unto the Lord and all funds go towards continuing the operation of this video ministry.

4 Easy Steps to Rent 

Easy steps to renting:

Pick out your movies

We fill out check-out card

Pay  $1 per movie rented


Return to EF Videos in two days




Many Titles to Choose From

Our Locations:

5751 Kroger Dr. Suite 201 Keller, TX 76244 (inside the Upper Room Church bookstore)

5529 Costa Mesa Dr. /Fort Worth, TX 76244 

What people are saying about EF Videos:

Finally a place to rent Christian videos. We enjoyed family time with positive messages in all the videos. The service is great and the price is right! Move over Redbox EF Videos is here!!  Mark Alva – Fort Worth, TX

Great!Better than Redbox because all appropriate to watch! Cool, thanks. Debbie Bacon- Keller TX

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EF Videos Movies

Interested in having Christian and family video rentals available for your church congregation? Would like to do have a movie night? It’s easy and simple.

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